Saturday, February 4, 2012

That Awkward First Post

So first followers. I'll make it introductory and if people read it, I'll figure out where to start with actual  topics. As my basic info states, my intent for this blog is a mash-up of several things....First, I have alot of emotions and opinions that I need to get out. I have found over the years that Facebook is not the place for me to do that. I have family on there as well as friends who, while I still care about them, are of a worldview/mindset and opinions that are far different (and love to butt heads) from my own. I do not care to argue or to constantly have to defend my thoughts or feelings. I may find the same battle on this blog, but I will give it to you straight - right here, right now. You have every right to voice your opinion through comments or private messages just as I have every right to delete your ass. And I won't hesitate to do so, whether you are my oldest friend, closest relative, sworn enemy or total stranger. I won't stand for it. Go write a blog of your own where you say what you want about me - I just don't want to hear it. This blog is for the benefit of maintaining my own sanity and for the interest of other kindred spirits. This isn't Facebook, you don't HAVE to read it - its not in your face or on your news feed. If you don't have anything friendly or helpful to say, don't say anything at all. That being said (though it will possibly be repeated later in time if required), I will get back to stating my purpose. I need an emotional outlet. I also feel the urge to share my some of my personal struggles with self-improvement. This year, one of my main goals is to lose the weight that I wracked up this last year. I have a long way to go and have been finding it next to impossible despite the good habits I have formed thus far. Another of those goals is going to, hopefully, be a large part of what I capture in this blog...Learning to be more of a proper lady. Developing skills that I never thought twice about growing up... being more self-sufficient as well as dabbling in arts yet unexplored in my life. I hope you will all (if there is indeed anyone reading this) bear with me as I am truly a slow learner! I may also post from time to time about things of general interest to me...I should probably go ahead and list some of my interests and information about myself so that you can know what to expect (leave nowwww while you still caaaaaaan). I'm a pretty even mix of gothic and nerdy white girl. I live a pretty boring life... I live with my amazing boyfriend, Forrest, who has gotten me through so much in this last year. I have a beautiful little boy named Liam, who I would give the moon, if I could. I have a degree in Music Education that is currently not doing me even a lick of good...yay for being bogged down with student loan repayments for the next decade for no damn reason. I sing... I used to draw and write alot - trying to get that back (trying to find myself again in general). As for my interests (yes, finally getting to that)...I love music. Mostly, but not restricted to, rock (in most forms)... I mostly watch horror movies or anything with a supernatural element. I love to read - again, mostly supernatural fiction. Go ahead and judge - but I read for my own pleasure, and that is what I enjoy! I enjoy smoking pipes and cigars... I know that sounds like an old man's habit, but it is also my own and I'm proud of it. I think more young people should try it....much classier (and probably a bit healthier) than a cigarette. I do some acting on the side - two of my closest friends run a community theatre near by and I do the occasional play with them when I can. I love anything darkly or morbidly beautiful..... I love anything funny (also often leaning towards the dark or morbid), and I love cute animals.... My boyfriend and I own six ball pythons (yes, snakes - Forrest is getting into breeding), a leopard gecko (Severus - did I mention that I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fanatic??), and two cats....our little family is always growing.

So there you have it.... a boring first post, but at least you know what you're getting if you read on. Feel free to comment with any questions you have for me or suggestions for things you'd like for me to post on! As for now, its 3AM and I'm running out of tea.... I think its about to time to settle down for the night (er, morning).  Sleep well. x


  1. awww ilove you and this blog post was awesome =)

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  3. I think I must be getting old.... I had to maximize the resolution to be able to read this font! hahahah! P.s.- you made me want some tea! So, I do believe I will go put the kettle on! xoxo